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The Benefits of Training With Focus Mitts

Training with Focus mitts constitutes a fundamental part in the development of a technically skilled boxer. When utilized properly, the mitts form an effective example of a type of training equipment that is highly advantageous for laying the foundation and developing everything from the most basic of punches, to improving upon the speed, precision and accuracy of advanced punch combinations. Coaches can use them to great effectiveness to systematically train exactly what they want from their fighter offensively, as well as defensively, substantially improving a fighters boxing skills.

A good coach will use the focus mitts as the core of a comprehensive training routine. They use the time spent on the the focus mitts to methodically introduce the basics. Effectively calibrate the intermediate techniques. And diligently hone and refine the rhythm and fluidity of the advanced techniques. In this manner the coach gets a firsthand view of his apprentice, much like a professor personally tutors a student.

For the coach, The fundamental purpose of the mitts is to work them with specific intent. They can function primarily as a conditioning tool, or to actively Improve coordination, enhance defense, as well as augment the Boxer’s counter punching ability. When a focus mitt session is conducted correctly, the mitts are an invaluable and practical training method for a coach and his boxer. It is the closest practice a boxer has to mimicking an actual sparring session or bout. There should routinely be an aliveness and a spontaneous element to focus mitt training to make the training session intense, mentally engaging, and physically challenging. It is important for the boxing coach to throw counter punches while holding the mitts for a fighter. This reminds a fighter to remain mindful of defense, even in the midst of launching an offensive attack or following through with a counter attack.

Focus mitts training offers multiple benefits because of the varied drills or combinations applied. An important aspect that focus mitt training allows for is working on areas of weakness that must be addressed and improved. Focus mitts sessions should always remain flexible and improvisational to augment individual development to the utmost degree. Training routines should be modified according to the training goals that should be met, and obstacles that must be overcome. It is vitally important to tailor the workout towards each boxer’s individual needs to maximize results.

Inspirational Story Of Boxer Dewey Bozella

Boxing can change your life in ways one can never begin to Imagine. Dewey Bozella once dreamed of fighting under the bright lights at Madison Square Garden. After being wrongly convicted, and sentenced to life for a crime he didn’t commit. Bozella found solace in the pugilistic arts. He immersed himself in boxing. His love of the sweet science is the only thing that gave him hope and kept him going. The Arthur Ashe Memorial award goes to an individual that exemplifies courage. There is no better an example of courage than Dewey Rader Bozella.

Training Like An Athlete In the Science of Boxing

My belief here at Gonzalez Boxing is that visualizing oneself as an athlete (as opposed to seeing yourself as a fitness enthusiast) is the key to overcoming your self imposed mental roadblocks,and achieving your personal goals, such as better fitness and physical performance.
When you think like an athlete you develop a passion for self-improvement and a determination to look, feel and perform better than you ever have previously. An athlete who trains in boxing cultivates an attitude of humility and a lifestyle that reflects positive self-confidence and an understanding that practicing the science of boxing challenges many of our senses and capacities, which in turn offers rewards such as superior performance in the gym,at home and in our day to day life. You don’t need to become a world champion in boxing (Or Mixed Martial Arts) to be exposed and to take on many of the positive benefits of boxing . All you need is a little ambition, the right coach, who teaches with understanding and intelligence, and you are set to go.

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“When I first came to work with Coach John, I had no prior boxing or fighting experience. In our first few sessions John and I worked on the basics, and in no time I was beginning to develop good core fundamentals. This is important because Boxing is about more than power and strength, and John’s training takes this to mind by emphasizing technique, timing, and precision. Another great aspect about training with John is that he has knowledge in the field of grappling and self defense situations. I would highly recommend John to anyone who is looking to take advantage of all of the benefits that boxing has to offer in a friendly one on one atmosphere”

Trevor Spinks

Boxing For Improved Metabolic Performance

A boxing training regimen for fitness is a physically demanding, yet effective way of boosting an individuals metabolism. Metabolism is the sum total of the biochemical processes by which the body builds and maintains itself, and by which it efficiently breaks down its substances for the production of energy.

One of the major benefits of boxing fitness training in addition to an amplified metabolic rate, is the increased caloric expenditure, while simultaneously improving the development of lean muscle. When combined with a sound nutritional meal plan, boxing conditioning provides superior means of weight reduction and fat loss. Boxing is primarily anaerobic In essence, The sport has been estimated as approximately 70-80% anaerobic and 20-30% aerobic. Interval training is intermittent in nature, consisting of short duration, high intensity bursts of activity. The sport specific manner in which a boxer trains mimics the work/rest demands in the ring.

Inspirational Highlights of Mike Tyson Training

Originally Under the tutelage of legendary trainer Cus D’Amato, Mike Tyson would go on to become the youngest Heavyweight champion in History.

“Nobody is born the best. You have to practice and train to become the best.” Cus D’Amato

As you will notice throughout, Tyson did not train in an advanced, high tech facility. The majority of his time was spent training the basics. He spent a substantial amount of time training the fundamentals of the sport . He hit the bags, hit the mitts, spared and worked with his trainers on specific techniques He also performed typical activities such as running, skipping rope , and calisthenics.

“I’m a dreamer. I have to dream and reach for the stars, and if I miss a star then I grab a handful of clouds.”
Mike Tyson

Boxing:Fundamentals,and Foundation

Shadow Boxing

When thinking of boxing, the first thing  usually assumed is that boxing is exclusively about punching.  However, the true foundation of a highly skilled boxer lies in his feet.  Or more precisely his stance.

The fundamental boxing athletes stance places the lead foot forward with the feet approximately shoulder width apart.  The rear foot is placed at a 45०  angle with the heal slightly elevated off the floor.  the lead foot should also be turned at the same angle. Bodyweight should be evenly distributed between both feet. the knees are bent slightly, and their should be a slight forward bend at the waist. This balanced, stable athletic posture, should prevent the boxer from stumbling by enabling the athlete to quickly and efficiently adjust his foot position and move in any direction.

This stance allows to boxer to efficiently advance, retreat, lateral in either direction, and or pivot defensively off the lead foot. This in turn will often create new and more efficient avenues  of attack, as well as enhancing the ability to deflect or completely evade an incoming attack.

You might be surprised how much a boxers footwork resembles that of a dancer. However the key to successful boxing footwork is maintaining the  essential structure of a boxer’s stance.  The proper stance provides the basis of a boxers offensive/defensive fluidity, balance, leverage, timing and coordination.

Strength Training For Boxing Athletes

The human nervous system is a marvel of creation, It allows us to think, move create and express ourselves in numerous and varied ways. The complexity and the astonishing measure of the human nervous system are the basis for the near limitless range and precision of human movement.

Directed by the brain, the nervous system transmits every impulse that is directed into the musculo-skeletal system for the activation of both muscular activity and reaction.   A systematic boxing  program should be designed and implemented  to optimize athletic performance, not maximum strength.

When training in Boxing, the central nervous system is conditioned to respond faster and more efficiently through skill training and repetitive punching combination drills.

Nonetheless, the proper training modalities for boxers emphasizes a unique mix of neural training and a well rounded blend of strength training that  emphasizes inter-muscular coordination, rapid and repeated movements, relaxation of muscles, muscular endurance and high levels of anaerobic capacity. The well disciplined nervous system is the true indicator of strength, not massive muscles.

One should train for victory not failure.  The ultimate goal of any contact sport athlete is to vanquish your adversary, not to lift the maximum amount of weight in the gym.

John Gonzalez, is an Independent boxing trainer offering 1 on 1 coaching, and located in  Tempe, AZ

How Boxing Training Can Enhance the Quality of your Life.

Many health conscious Individuals have made it a goal to Identify the most appropriate methods to enhance their physical quality of life using regular physical activity and  a  comprehensive, systematic exercise program.  Boxing is a movement based training that can be  a means of making you healthy and fit in the  genuine sense: strong, proficient, and lasting in a durable way, that doesn’t simply ward off chronic illness, but actually allows  the average desk jockey the  capability of doing real-life actions in real-life positions, not just lifting a certain amount of weight in an isolated posture designed by a gym machine.  And you never need to take a punch.

Boxing training is a sport specific routine that can not only help you with that once in a while skiing, cycling, or hiking trip, but even something as mundane as lifting your toddler from a car seat.  While  powerful arms and shoulders immediately come to mind when visualizing a physically fit boxer.  Boxing requires a solid core  foundation and composition. Boxing utilizes the entire body and invokes every muscle.  The abdominal muscles are a boxer’s power plant, and a strong abdominal core is indispensable  for the development of your skills as a boxer.

In addition, developing powerful, agile legs is also of utmost importance when training for boxing.  Boxers train for improved movement, enhanced motor control, and muscular coordination ,which can be a more critical benefit than an increase in muscle mass.

In Summary, boxing is a movement based style of training that does not Isolate muscles, but instead emphasizes mobility, agility, balance, core function, cardiorespiratory fitness,  muscular endurance and strength.  Boxing recruits more muscles during a training session thereby exhausting more calories. And is also an excellent stress moderator. A comprehensive Boxing training program enhances energy levels, And is likely conducive to optimal sleep and relaxation patterns.  All of which contribute significantly to an individuals health related success.

John Gonzalez is a Personal trainer at GONZALEZBOXING and offers personal one on one boxing training in Tempe, AZ.

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